We can supply First choice in accordance with all international standards but also Surplus and / or downgraded / second choice.
Our experience confirmed for many years, guarantees you products that meet your expectations. Surplus and downgraded lots are inspected by us and we always guarantee you competitive prices.

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Slit Coils

We can offer slit coils to your widths and thicknesses and according to your packaging criteria as well as lots of slit coils, in first choice, surplus and / or downgraded.

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We can offer you lots of first choice, surplus and / or downgraded sheets, as well as sheets produced at your widths and lengths according to your packaging criteria.

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BE STEEL is an independent steel trading company active in the international market.

The company was founded by Mr. Edgard Bischoff who has about twenty years of experience in international steel trade.

Be Steel specializes in TRADING of steel coils, sheets, slit coils, blanks …

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